What Professionals Use to Recover Microsoft Office Passwords
The Microsoft Office Application Suite has dominated the market for many years. The suite offers a complete set of tools for the most demanding computer users, but there is one essential tool missing.

Microsoft Office documents can be protected against unauthorized access and saved with a password. While these documents are surely protected against unauthorized use, what about accessing them legitimately when one forgets or loses the password? This is not a hypothetical question, as many people forget passwords they used just a week ago, let alone a year ago. Even more often, a new employee trying to open Office documents finds out that the passwords are not available.

The one important device this is lacking from the Microsoft Office suite is a password restoration device. Microsoft may have had valid motives now no longer to offer such gear, however the trouble screams for a solution. Lost passwords can suggest only a headache for absent-minded individuals, however can purpose severe economic problem for plenty organizations.

The call for is there, and the deliver has followed. There isn’t anyt any loss of password restoration offerings and third-birthday birthday celebration software program gear to deal with password-included documents. There are sure professionals and cons to each approaches.


Password recovery services can do a great job, providing fast recovery of your lost passwords. But are they worth the price they charge, if you are a home user trying to unlock your year-old CV? And can you trust your corporate documentation to even reputable third parties? If the answer is negative, you are a potential user of dedicated software tools that work off-line on your own computer.

Such software can take longer to recover your passwords, but you won’t pay outrageous prices and you don’t share your trade secrets with a third party. And personal software is really not that slow! Chances are that your password can be recovered in an instant. You’ll be using the same software used by password recovery professionals but on your own computer.

What You Can Use to Recover Microsoft Office Passwords like a Professional
Meet Accent OFFICE Password Recovery (, a tool that’s used by password recovery specialists. More importantly, it’s the tool that can recover your password and do it fast:no matter how complex your password was.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery can easily access many documents. To make a long story short, not all Microsoft Office documents are equally well-protected. Certain versions and certain types of passwords can be broken instantly without the need of long password-crunching routines. How can you tell if your documents fall into this category? Download a free copy of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery from to see if your password can be instantly removed.

What if your document was encrypted with a strong password and cannot be recovered instantly? If so, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery will try different passwords until it finds one that fits. Modern computers are fast, so fast that hundreds of thousands of different passwords can be tried every second. Your typical “123” password will be cracked in no time!

What if your company policies mandate having longer than normal passwords? In that case, it may take longer. How much longer? That depends on what you remember about the password.


Typical password recovery applications use two methods to guess passwords. The first one to try is always a dictionary attack, which attempts combinations of different words from plain English or other languages. There are not that many words in any language, which allows this attack to attempt all possible combinations quickly. If your password did not contain dictionary words, a password recovery tool will typically use the so-called brute force attack, attempting every possible combination of letters, numbers, and special symbols as a suggested password. This approach can take days or even weeks, if you had a really long password!

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery may solve the puzzle much faster than typical tools by using a third approach. If you remember something – even a little bit – about your password, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery can use this information to restrict the number of possible combinations and recover your password much faster than usual. This approach, which is unique to Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, is called masking. You can define the mask used in your password in an easy visual manner. Are you certain that your password started with a capital letter? Define a mask using that restriction, and Accent OFFICE Password Recovery won’t attempt any lower-case characters, making password recovery twice as fast. Did your password end with a number? Add another mask and your time savings are three-fold. Does your corporate policy demand passwords longer than 7 characters? Accent OFFICE Password Recovery won’t try passwords shorter than that, and you gain even more time.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery provides you with an easy Wizard that helps you create a custom attack on your password, ensuring the fastest turnaround for the most complex passwords.
Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is not your typical “do-it-yourself” tool aimed at the occasional user who forgot a password that happens to be “123”. This product is designed to effectively crunch and solve passwords that are much more complex, and it does it fast. In fact, it can recover many passwords in just seconds! Download a free evaluation version today at:

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