Have ever searched your favorite search engine for “expired domain”, “domain names”, and / or “deleted domains names”? Well, if you have recently been scouring the internet for good used domain names, then this idea may help. By following a few simple directions you will soon be on your way to domain

name reseller success.

01.) Start a free general website directory in order to accept free link submissions manual or automated. You can get to free or open source website directory script at script directories such as,, or ask members of forums to help you find the best and most webmaster friendly directory script.

02.) Be prepared to receive lots of junk sites new and old. The junk sites will soon be to your most advantage because the webmaster will soon give up on the site.

03.) Every week or month run the validate feature that your website links directory script come along with. You’ll be surprised how many of the junk sites you accept in your directory have been expired or no longer running and will soon be an expired domain name. Remember, the domain name of that expired site is what we’re interested in. The webmaster that owned the promoted and we’re assuming that the webmaster’s site will soon gain a Google page rank of 1 or better. Therefore, one site owner’s trash will be a domain name reseller’s internet treasure.

The more popular that your free general website links directory is, the more junk website submissions you’ll receive, and the better your chances at expired domain name reseller success will be. If you follow the above steps, you can’t go wrong. Domain names expire on a daily basis and at many webmasters chasing the dream of owing a profitable website will fail. Be there for the opportunities that will open up in reselling domain names. Good luck with you new domain name buying and selling business.

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